Monday, March 26, 2012

Post #14

Today's Predictions:

PP #34 - Late in the movie, we will return to the "turtles" spaceship.  On board there will be trophies from their intergalactic adventures including (but not limited to) Triceratops horns, Bebop's sunglasses, and General Tragg's helmet.

PP #35 - The events of PP #34 may lead to a pseudo twist-ending where we find out the "turtles" weren't the heroes after all.  After they view their trophies they realize they were once terrible alien beings and vow to never go back to that way of life.

PP #36 - April will neither work for Baxter Stockman or Channel 6 but will instead work for a fictitious movie director.  She will quit after he asks her to wash his car (har har!) and be out of a job when she encounters the "turtles".

- TMNT:BS Team

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  1. this is statement number two in the M.bay explosions travesty