Monday, March 26, 2012

Post #14

Today's Predictions:

PP #34 - Late in the movie, we will return to the "turtles" spaceship.  On board there will be trophies from their intergalactic adventures including (but not limited to) Triceratops horns, Bebop's sunglasses, and General Tragg's helmet.

PP #35 - The events of PP #34 may lead to a pseudo twist-ending where we find out the "turtles" weren't the heroes after all.  After they view their trophies they realize they were once terrible alien beings and vow to never go back to that way of life.

PP #36 - April will neither work for Baxter Stockman or Channel 6 but will instead work for a fictitious movie director.  She will quit after he asks her to wash his car (har har!) and be out of a job when she encounters the "turtles".

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #13

Today's Predictions:

PP #31 - The aliens aren't in turtle form when they hit earth and will morph into something resembling their perception of a turtle after encountering one.

PP #32 - April, after taking the "turtles" in and giving them a place to sleep, will wake up at 5 AM to find them eating leftover pizza, playing video games, and listening to her music collection.  Someone will remark that they are "party animals".

PP #33 - Though "the Ooze" won't be used to mutate ordinary turtles into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it will be involved.  Most likely when a government agency finds it resulting in a plot recap scene.

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #12

Today's Prediction:

PP #30The "turtles" homeworld is revealed to be a swampy Dagobah-style planet. When they get to earth it's too bright, too hot, and they start to get sunburned. When they find the sewer Michelangelo says, "Ahh... smells like home!" 

Does the thought of this give anyone else chills?

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #11

Today's Predictions:

PP #27 - Keno's son will be the street urchin the "turtles" befriend.

PP #28"TGRI Fridays" appears as a restaurant in the background.

PP #29 - TCRI will be a secret offshoot of NASA.  More government hijinks will ensue.

- TMNT:BS Team

Friday, March 23, 2012

Post #10

Today's Predictions:

PP #24April will have to hide the "turtles" from her boss when he/she stops by her apartment apartment comes over. 

PP #25 - In similar fashion to PP #23, two hobos drinking booze will see the "turtles" battling.  The one with the bottle will hand it to the other and say, "You can have the rest.  I'm swearing off the stuff!"

PP #26 - At some point you will see a storefront for "Casey Jones' Sporting Goods" in the background.

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #9

Today's Predictions:

PP #21 - For most of the movie, the "turtles" fight with standard weapons given to them by Splinter.  Before the climactic final battle, they will rediscover their crashed alien ship.  On the ship, they will use their technology create "techno" versions of their existing weapons as it will be the only way to defeat Shredder.

PP #22 - Splinter isn't a rat.

PP # 23 - Some kid holding his mother's hand will see the "turtles" attempt to enter the sewers unseen.  Michelangelo will go "Shhhhhh" and slowly sink into a manhole.

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #8

Today's Predictions:

PP #20 - Irma will make an appearance and be played by Zooey Deschanel in goofy glasses and a big sweater.

This image has not been doctored.

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #7

Today's Predictions:

#17 - Nearly the entire soundtrack will be created by Skrillex.  The only song not created by Skrillex will be the end credits song.  That will, of course, be performed by Linkin Park.

#18 - When the "turtles" go out to explore the real world they will end up at a dance club called "The Technodrome".

#19 - Someone will suggest that April try on a yellow jumpsuit.  April with turn up her nose at the idea.

- TMNT:BS Team

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Post #6

Today's Predictions:

PP #14Splinter begins the movie human. The antagonist changes him into a rat and we cue up "Wild Thing" as he walks out for his reveal.

PP #15 - April will be a "rookie starving reporter" that's trying to get her first big story. She's sent out to the middle of nowhere by her local news job to report on a boring story. After she gives the report, the camera man wants to pack it up the "turtles'" ship crashes in the nearby woods. April: "Did you get that? Tell me you got that!"

PP #16 - There will be a Jazz club called "Bebop & Rocksteady".

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #5

Today's Predictions:

PP #11 - Krang or Slash will be teased after the credits roll.

PP #12The Turtle Van makes an appearance, but is now a Scion or a Nissan Cube

PP #13 At some point the "turtles" will put on disguises and go out into the real world, all dressed in FUBU or Sean John.

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #4

PP #10 - The "turtles" will have beaks.  They may also have ears.

Either the "turtles" or Splinter will be based on this image.

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #3

Today's Predictions:

PP #7 - All of the "turtles" will be based on terrible stereotypes.

PP #8 S.H.R.E.D.D.E.R. is a robot developed by the government to eliminate the (misunderstood) "turtles".

PP #9There will be a ton of random references to TMNT lore.  This will happen often: "I'd like you to meet our lead scientist on the S.H.R.E.D.D.E.R. Project, Baxter Stockman."

- TMNT:BS Team

Post #2

Today's Predictions:

PP #4 - The "turtles" are chasing Shredder, an evil alien, who must be stopped.

PP #5 - They'll meet a street urchin who will teach them about Earth from the perspective of a teenager.

PP #6 - April O'Neil will be played by the current "smokin' hot model".  This will be considered a "major announcement" by Michael Bay.

- TMNT:BS Team

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post #1


We here at TMNT:BS will attempt to make predictions as to the content of the newly announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie created by Michael Bay. The hope is to arrive at a number of plot points that will result in a drinking game for opening day. This blog is a collaborative effort.

Plot Point (PP) #1 - The "turtles" will learn pop-culture via outdated transmissions on their way to earth.

 PP #2 - The "turtles" will discover pizza and love it.

 PP #3 - The government will get involved. SUVs will roll out.

 -TMNT:BS Team