Thursday, March 22, 2012

Post #6

Today's Predictions:

PP #14Splinter begins the movie human. The antagonist changes him into a rat and we cue up "Wild Thing" as he walks out for his reveal.

PP #15 - April will be a "rookie starving reporter" that's trying to get her first big story. She's sent out to the middle of nowhere by her local news job to report on a boring story. After she gives the report, the camera man wants to pack it up the "turtles'" ship crashes in the nearby woods. April: "Did you get that? Tell me you got that!"

PP #16 - There will be a Jazz club called "Bebop & Rocksteady".

- TMNT:BS Team


  1. I feel like i'm reading the script of this God awful idea of a remake.

  2. Don't forget someone possibly throwing a baby alligator into the swamp to get rid of it.

  3. About PP 44 that already happened on the classic TMNT cartoon when Splinter was Hamato Yoshi before touch the mutagen. But yeah, the way the could turn him into a rat sucks.

    Also PP 4 of the Alien Shredder also happened on the 2000s cartoon when Shredder was al Utrom.

    The only thing I really fear is Bay making the turtles use firearms o some cannons in theri shells like a Blastoise.